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motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles

motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles

Were you injured in a bike coincidence and locate your self searching out the “satisfactory bike coincidence lawyer close to me”? The Los Angeles, California, bike coincidence group at Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, is a collection of tough, aggressive, and clever attorneys, paralegals, and case control specialists who make it their project to get better MAXIMUM reimbursement for the accidents their customers go through in bike accidents. motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles . We keep even the maximum well-funded defendants and the largest coverage agencies responsible for the reckless movements that result in our client’s accidents.motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles.

motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles

Over the years, our corporation has FOUGHT for the rights of lots of injured bikers and their households throughout the nation, and we’ve recovered MILLIONS of greenbacks in reimbursement to assist them get over their accidents and circulate on with their lives. motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles. With the group at Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, personal injury lawyer , for your side, you may relaxation smooth and attention on healing, understanding you’ve were given celeb bike coincidence legal professionals to your corner. personal injury attorney . motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles .

Driving comes with risk ... that's why you deserve the best lawyers available

Bikers injured in accidents, and the households of bikers who've suffered a wrongful death, normally come to us at Stewart J. injury attorney . Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, due to the fact they assume the coincidence wasn’t their (or their deceased cherished ones) fault. When it involves bike accidents, that’s normally accurate. motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles .

Motorcyclists face all sorts of risks at the road:

  • Bikers have small visible profiles. Motorists are regularly mentally lazy. There are greater vehicles and vans on the street than every other sort of vehicle. Over time, drivers of these motors fall into the lure of feeling like theirs are the ONLY varieties of motors on the street. motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles . Mentally, they’re now no longer maintaining a pointy eye out for the plenty smaller visible profile of a motorcyclist. That’s one cause why such a lot of motorbike injuries contain motorists slicing bikers off or becoming their path. personal injury lawyer near me . Drivers simply don’t see bikers in addition to they see different vehicles and vans. BUT THAT’S NO EXCUSE.
  • Bikers are greater susceptible to injuries due to dangerous avenue conditions. Cars and vans have incredibly extensive tires, and that they have as a minimum 4 of them. That permits vehicles and vans to experience effectively over all varieties of avenue hazards, from cracks, grooves, and holes withinside the pavement to sand, salt, and gravel. That’s now no longer continually the case for motorcycles, however. motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles . Bikes have thinner wheels, making it much more likely to lose manipulate due to a avenue hazard. motorcycle accident lawyer . Of course, all and sundry is aware of that roads can’t be flawlessly clean all of the time. But while it’s clearly dangerous for a biker, there ought to as a minimum be a warning, and motorists ought to take care now no longer to boom a biker’s chance through crowding him. In different words, simply due to the fact you wrecked on a tough avenue floor doesn’t imply it’s your fault.
  • Bikers get much less respect. As a tradition and a community, bikers get the quick quit of the stick. Motorists (now no longer to say regulation enforcement) see bikers driving collectively and discern they ought to be as much as no good. car accident lawyer near me . That mind-set of treating motorcyclists like second-magnificence residents interprets into how motorists pressure round bikes.
  • motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles. At Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, we don’t tolerate that sort of disrespect of our clients. Our crew DEMANDS RESPECT for our clients, and we get it. motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles .
  • Bikers have much less bodily safety. Riding a bike way sacrificing a few bodily safety to revel in the real freedom of the open avenue. That’s the selection you are making and also you understand that in case you get right into a ruin it can imply you get greater harm than you'll in case you performed your existence secure and simply drove a car. motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles . But, that doesn’t imply you WANT to get harm, and it doesn’t imply you ought to. personal injury attorney near me . Motorists ought to take MORE care once they see a bike on the street, now no longer much less, due to what can appear while a rider collides with a car, truck, or the pavement. When they don’t, WE FIGHT BACK. motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles .

car accident lawyer los angeles

These dangers bring about extreme injuries each day in Los Angeles, wherein 2,441 human beings had been injured or died on their motorcycles in a latest year—extra than six in step with day!. motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles. At Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, we apprehend the risks motorcyclists face. We’re now no longer afraid to take a robust stand to shield motorcyclists’ rights to experience the street and to assume admire and protection from motorists. motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles . We pursue drivers of cars, trucks, and buses whose moves positioned motorcyclists’ lives in chance for each penny of repayment they and their coverage agencies owe our customers. car accident lawyer los angeles . Our customers might also additionally run dangers after they a motorcycle, however they nevertheless deserve the great criminal illustration in Southern California while a person else’s careless moves depart them injured, or worse. motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles .

Rider Injuries We’ve Seen and Helped With

Like we stated above, in a bike twist of fate that entails a collision with a motor automobile, the LUCKY riders are those who get away with their lives, a minor damaged bone or two, and astreet rash scar to expose their grandkids. motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles. Unfortunately, now no longer each biker can wish to be that lucky. personal injury lawyer los angeles . The sheer physics of a destroy related to a bike and a motor automobile placed riders at a large disadvantage. Here are a number of the everyday accidents our customers have suffered in bike accidents. motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles .

Spinal Cord Injuries and Paralysis

These accidents damage our hearts due to the fact they frequently bring about partial or overall paralysis and go away our customers probably not able to journey ever again. motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles. They additionally damage our customers’ financially loads of the time, due to the fact they could fee upwards of one million bucks to deal with withinside the first 12 months alone. los angeles personal injury lawyer . If even a fragment of these prices aren’t included through insurance, injured bikers and their households can come to be in dire straits. injury attorney near me . At Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, we've the revel in to recognize the complex clinical and sensible demanding situations of spinal twine accidents, and we've the know-the way to examine simply how a great deal cash our customers want to go back to a “normal” life. motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles .

Traumatic Brain Injuries and Brain Damage

Whether you adore helmets or hate them, California has a obligatory bike helmet regulation for riders and their passengers. At Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, we inspire all of our bike-driving customers to put on a helmet, due to the fact, as we said, IT’S THE LAW, and we’re lawyers. car accident lawyer san diego . We additionally inspire it due to the fact now no longer sporting a helmet could make it extra hard to get better damages in case you get harm in a bike accident. motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles . While helmets can assist save you dying in a damage, they’re now no longer foolproof. motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles . Even the high-quality helmet can’t keep a rider from a stressful mind damage at motorway speeds maximum of the time. motorcycle accident attorneys near me

Crushed/Amputated Arms and Legs

Motorcycle wrecks can inflict catastrophic forces on a rider’s frame. Riders also can get pinned beneath different motors in an accident. In both case, there’s a excessive hazard that motorcyclists will preserve multiple, crushing fractures in an accident. motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles . Those accidents can result in amputation, too, and all styles of secondary accidents. Of course, advances in prosthetics era have made it viable to stay a surprisingly everyday existence after an amputation, however that doesn’t suggest those accidents aren’t stressful and painful. personal injury lawyer in california . They are. Plus, prosthetics aren’t cheap. We assist get you the cash you want to conform to existence with out a limb. best motorcycle accident lawyer .

Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Injuries

Even whilst you break out a motorcycle damage together along with your frame extra or much less intact, you may nevertheless take a beating. Bone breaks, torn ligaments and tendons, and different soft-tissue and inner accidents won't threaten to quit your existence, however they could nevertheless complicate your everyday and fee you in misplaced time at work, excessive clinical bills, and handling persistent pain. personal injury lawsuit california . motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles . Also, from time to time those are the styles of accidents it’s toughest to get the coverage businesses to pay interest to. At Stewart . motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles .